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Pure Paramore

No garbage...just Paramore.

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This is Pure Paramore, a community dedicated to Paramore without pointless posts spamming up your friends page.

The rules/guidelines so far:
1. No spamming, plz.
2. Cut down on the anonymous posting.
3. Listen to the mods.
4. Try to be respectful.
5. Repeat, non-related, and pointless posts will not be approved.
6. Ban_set is possible.
7. Leave topics in this community here. AKA don't go over to other communities and start fights.
8. Advertisement only posts will be rejected.

Most importantly, let's enjoy the band and their music.

Questions can go to thereisdiscord or punksmcgee
Also, if for some crazy reason your request to join is denied, re-request, and we assure you will be reconsidered.

*Remember if you add us as a friend, also join so you can comment and see locked posts!*

See what we're all about here.

For banners and codes go here.

If you want to talk about something other than Paramore, try riot_room!